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The Maxus is yet another example of Browning shotgun perfection; delivering on the promise to be the most reliable, softest shooting, best handling gas-operated semi-auto ever. Even with the success the Maxus has earned, the gears of innovation are in constant motion here at Browning, and we are always hard at work developing innovative new. Just like the name implies, the Maxus Ultimate is the ultimate shotgun to add to your collection of fine autoloaders. Featuring grade III gloss Walnut a jeweled bolt, and an intricately laser engraved satin nickel finish receiver, the aesthetics of the Maxus Ultimate set it apart as an elegantly functional field gun By popular demand, this week David Florent reviews the Browning Maxus semi-auto shotgun - a great choice for pigeon shooting or rabbit control, and will do t.. Maxus II - Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Habitat. New for 2021 — Reliable gas-operated autoloading shotgun with additional enhancements to improve performance. New composite stock with SoftFlex cheek pad, Inflex Recoil Pad, oversized controls and new magazine cap. Full coverage Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Habitat camouflage

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  1. Browning Maxus Shotgun Review An all-around shotgun is a must-have for outdoorsmen and women. From waterfowl hunting to the upland game, and turkey hunting t..
  2. Combined with Browning's Total Barrel Dynamics, the Maxus is capable of unparalleled accuracy. Features The traditional screw-on magazine cap has been replaced with the patented Speed Lock Forearm. This secure forearm attachment system makes taking down the Maxus for cleaning or storage fast and makes attaching or removing the sling a snap
  3. The Maxus is a reference for hunters around the globe. Its particularly gentle recoil and the speed loading system make it a one-of-a-kind that offers comfort and high performance in equal measure. The Maxus II builds on the benefits on its predecessor with new technical features to give hunters a unique shooting experience
  4. Browning Maxus II 12ga Shotgun Review: Browning claims that the Maxus 2 is the most reliable, softest shooting, best handling gas-operated semi-auto ever. Th..

The Maxus is equipped with a 'Cut-Off' for the magazine to allow the shooter to unload the chamber easily, and thus change the type of shell without having to chamber a shell from the magazine. Browning International S.A. understands the importance of customer privacy and personal data protection. The policy herein describes how we. The Browning Maxus for sale is an incredibly sleek semi automatic shotgun designed to be the ultimate bird gun. The softest shooting autoloader ever created, the Browning Maxus shotgun features many options for boosting the shooter's ability, including the Power Drive gas system for unparalleled reliability, an ergonomic stock with Inflex technology for shoulder saving comfort and better.

There is a feature on your Browning Maxus that you may not be aware of.. A review of the new Browning Maxus II Semi-Auto Shotgun by @Slade N.W. Find more info on the Maxus II at: https://www.browning.com/products/firearms/shotguns.. Winchester: Browning Maxus Clear filters brand Browning (1) ONLINE1 true. Buy From Dealer. Quick View Dealer Buy. Browning Maxus Ultimate Partridge 12G 30 4rnd Mag Browning Maxus Ultimate Partridge 12G 30 4rnd Mag Restricted Product $3,495.00 (Inc GST) More Info.

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il y a 11 ans. présentation du fusil semi automatique Browning maxus calibre 12 magnum par Jean-Claude Tolphin. Vidéos à découvrir

Maxus One is the entry level semi-automatic gas operated rifle by Browning. It features all of the technical characteristics that make Maxus such a success and is sold at an affordable price, which makes it your perfect hunting shotgun While no recoil reduction system on a shotgun can escape the laws of physics, the Maxus is sure to change your mind about recoil control. The Power Drive Gas System, Inflex technology, Vector Pro and Back-bored technology from Browning combine to reduce the total recoil force to the shooter bu 18% compared to any other semi-automatic shotgun on the market Shotguns. Maxus. Discontinued. The products below are no longer in production. They are likely available at some very limited firearms dealers — although they may be difficult to locate. This information is provided as a service to those who seek after interesting and difficult to find firearms

Browning's Rafe Nielson provides a quick overview of the Maxus shotgun. The Maxus features a power drive gas system, making it the lightest recoiling and fas.. For more information on the Maxus II Shotgun click here. For more information on the 6.8 Western cartridge click here. For more information on the Recoil HAWG Muzzle Brake click here. News and Information. Browning One Browning Place Morgan UT 84050 800-333-3288 | 801-876-271 Maxus, le nouveau fusil semi-automatique de Browning Maxus II: improved features on the shotgun stock. Rubber overmoldings on the pistol grip and forend provide the right grip, while recoil behavior and felt impact are tamed by a soft pad in the back of the stock, which goes by the name of SoftFlex.This is joined by an improved version of Browning's familiar recoil absorbing system called Inflex, which is designed to pull the stock slightly away. The softest shooting semi-automatic ever :While no recoil reduction system on a shotgun can escape the laws of physics, the Maxus is sure to change your mind about recoil control.The Power Drive Gas System, Inflex technology, Back-Bored Vector Pro technology, from BROWNING® are combined to reduce the total recoil force to the shooter by 18% compared to any other semi-automatic shotgun on the.

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MAXUS ONE 12M. MAXUS BLACK GOLD 12M. MAXUS ULTIMATE PARTRIDGES 12M. The softest shooting semi-automatic ever :While no recoil reduction system on a shotgun can escape the laws of physics, the Maxus is sure to change your mind about recoil control.The Power Drive Gas System, Inflex technology, Back-Bored Vector Pro technology, from BROWNING. Browning Maxus II For Sale. Like its predecessor, the Maxus II is powered by the Power Drive Gas System: the fastest, most reliable gas system on the market, designed to improve reliability across the ammunition spectrum and reduce felt recoil. In addition to proven performance, the Maxus II offers superior shooting comfort, intuitive handling. This year s version of the Black Gold further refines the features of the Maxus semi-automatic, with an anodised black receiver from which two engraved gilt ducks seem to burst like hope as they come in to lan Maxus II is a gas-operated shotgun utilizing the Browning Power Drive gas systems. This shotgun is currently available in 12 gauge only. The barrels of Browning Maxus II shotgun have chrome-lined bores and chambers, are threaded for choke tubes, and have 1/4″ ventilated ribs fitted with fiber-optic front sights and ivory mid-beads

The new Maxus 2 only just came out recently, looks tidy, I bought a Maxus about a month or 2 before, if I'd have known I'd have waited. Reviews seem good. They are decent guns at about 2/3 price of the Beretta equivalent browning maxus description: browning maxus in 12 ga. cal., with 30 barrel. color black. condition 98% like new. serial number u5zw15058. browning model maxus in 12 gauge caliber, vent rib single bead barrel with the following screw in chokes skeet, ½ mod, ¾ imp, ¼ imp cyl, modified, with factory hard case and papers, 98% like new overall condition, our stock # d275

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  1. In addition to proven performance, the Maxus II offers a shotgunner superior shooting comfort, a great trigger, intuitive handling and striking appearance. Maximum reliability. From the day the Maxus was released, it promised to be the most reliable autoloader available — to say that it has lived up to that expectation is an understatement.
  2. The Maxus II Camo will be available in several finishes: Retro Vintage Tan. MSRP on the Browning Maxus II Camo is $1,829.99 for both the 26″ and 28″ barrel versions. If you want to check out.
  3. Browning Maxus Sporting Semi-Auto Shotgun -All show and all ready to go. Sporting clays shooters like a shotgun with some degree of Engraving on the receiver, because the shotguns are on display at sporting shoots, and participants like to show them off. And we can't blame them. Standing out on the gun rack is the new Browning Maxus Sporting
  4. browning Maxus 3 1/2 in 26 inch barrel modb brand new factory camo job sure cycle system installed matching sling $1000. 636751535

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Browning Maxus Ii, Brn 011-708304 Maxus Ii Spt 12 3in 28 Crb Fbr. MSRP: $1,888.60 $1,619.99. Out of Stock. Browning Maxus Ii, Brn 011-700204 Maxus Ii Stlk 12 3.5 28 Comp. MSRP: $1,804.60 $1,549.99. Add to Cart. Browning Maxus Ii, Brn 011-705304 Maxus Ii Wckdwng 12 3in 28 Mosgh. Browning Maxus II Shotgun Tested at Arkansas Snow-Goosapalooza! Running the Gun: The new Browning Maxus ll with extended mag tube spells 12-gauge doom for snow geese. June 01, 2021 By Skip Knowles. Following a tough year in which many of the best-laid plans seemed to fall through, this adventure was coming together perfectly 760-30. REM. 011722203. 760-30. FIX. LE MAXUS II FACE AUX ATTENTES DES CHASSEURS. MANIABILITÉ, PRISE DE VISÉE & CONFORT DE TIR. Le Maxus est une référence pour les chasseurs du monde entier. Son recul particulièrement doux et son système de chargement et déchargement rapide en font une arme unique, aussi confortable que performante

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Browning has presently partnered with Big-sport hunter, Russ Kommer as their knife designer. A number of Browning's famed piece fashions are the buckmark and also the Hi-Power. Their famed rifle fashions are the Bar, X-Bolt, BLR and AB3. Their famed piece fashions accommodate Citori, A5, Maxus, Cynergy and BT99 Browning Maxus is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Browning Maxus and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected

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  1. A monster in the marsh. Hunting seasons are short, make every shot count with the best gas-operated autoloading shotgun you can get a grip on. Maxus II Wicke
  2. In conjunction with this Maxus review, I used a vintage steel receiver Browning B-80 with a 28 inch, 2-3/4 inch barrel as a comparison barometer. The results were surprising. Though the B-80 has no recoil pad, just a hard solid rubber buttplate, the older B-80 was unquestionably softer shooting than the Maxus with 1 oz. and 1-1/8 oz. loads
  3. The Maxus is a gas-operated, lightweight, light-recoil semi-automatic shotgun. Browning talks about short lock-time, fastest cycle rate and many other somewhat interesting sales terms, but what matters to me is recoil, reliability, versatiliy, fit, weight and muzzle-jump when I'm considering a field gun. First, the basics: The Browning Maxus.
  4. Browning recently unveiled its new autoloader, the Maxus, at its annual sales meeting. They just now posted this video on Youtube as their way of announcing the gun to the world

Browning Maxus Sporting Black Carbon Fibre - in depth review. This month, we are looking at a new Browning semi-automatic dedicated to Sporting clays - the Maxus Black Carbon Fibre. It is a smart-looking beast with a carbon fibre wrap to barrel, action and stockwork. The name is a little misleading as no part of the gun is actually made of. However, Browning unveiled another semi-auto last year that might challenge the Maxus for flagship status. The new A5 was a friendly face to many, with its familiar name and hump-backed receiver. Generations of hunters — mostly waterfowlers — grew up shooting the original Auto-5, or old Humpback as it was affectionately called Browning 011706204 Maxus II Wicked Wing 12 GA 28 4+1 3.5 Burnt Bronze Cerakote Mossy Oak Bottomland Fixed w/Overmolded Grip. $ 1,603.00. Browning 0119002004 A5 Wicked Wing 12 GA 28 4+1 3.5 Burnt Bronze Camo Cerakote Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades Habitat Fixed. $ 1,749.99

Hit the field or head to your waterfowl hunting blind with the Browning® Maxus™ II Stalker Semi-Auto Shotgun. Featuring a no-glare aluminum alloy receiver with a chrome-lined chamber and bore, the Maxus II semi auto proves an incredibly light, durable all-around choice The Browning semi auto shotgun models include the Maxus Series, Silver Field, Gold Field, and the A5, with features including the Kinematic Drive system for reliability, an ergonomic profile and stock for a natural feel when shouldered, Inflex recoil pads, and Invector chokes Browning Maxus Jagd Online Shop. Im Frankonia Jagd Browning Maxus Shop können Jäger Browning Maxus kaufen und bequem auf Rechnung bestellen. Suchen Sie Jagd Browning Maxus und Zubehör günstig? Beim Marktführer für Jagd finden Jäger eine riesige Auswahl im Frankonia Browning Maxus Online Shop

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buy Browning Maxus All Purpose Hunter 12ga 3-1/2 26 Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Semi-Automatic Shotgun #011659205 for sale best pric Hit the field or head to your waterfowl hunting blind with the Browning® Maxus™ II Semi-Auto Shotgun. Featuring an aluminum alloy receiver with a chrome-lined chamber and bore, the Browning Maxus II is incredibly light and durable. This autoloading shotgun features the legendary PowerDrive™ Gas System, capable of cycling 3.5 magnum loads.

Browning Maxus Hunter is a highly innovative semi-auto shotgun designed to give shooters a competitive edge. Includes 3 choke tubes, one 1/4 stock spacer, and a Turnkey magazine plug. Reliable Power Drive Gas System. Cycles a wide variety of shotgun shells. Brass front site and ivory mid-bead The Browning Maxus has been a favourite on the semi-auto market since its release in 2009. The latest addition to the Maxus line-up is sure to prove popular with diehard Browning fans across Europe, too. Released in the autumn, the Maxus Limited Edition JM Browning has joined the growing range of Maxus shotguns offering a more elegant and refined version of the gas-operated semi-automatics Browning 011704204 Maxus II 12 GA 28 4+1 3.5 Realtree Timber Fixed Overmolded Grip Paneled Stock Right Hand (Full Size) - Maximum Quantity: 10 **Mouse over image above to zoom any area, or click on image to zoom the entire image Buy Browning Maxus 2 Wicked Wing: GunBroker is the largest seller of Semi Auto Shotguns Shotguns Guns & Firearms All: 90740811 The Browning Maxus II Sporting Carbon Fiber shotgun is exactly that; bold and loud. With a hydrodipped carbon fiber aesthetic, it adds a layer of durability for high-volume, sporting clay shooters and also kicks up the curb appeal while you are standing at the firing line making ready for your next series of clay pigeons

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The Browning Maxus II Stalker Wearing a subdued, no-glare matte black finish the new Maxus II Stalker is just as suitable for an afternoon at the range as it is bringing down geese from the middle of a muddy field After 12 years, the Browning Maxus line of shotgun was due an upgrade. Enter Maxus II, a customizable 12-gauge semiauto choice for a wide range of shooters. Maxus II is a gas-operated shotgun utilizing the Browning Power Drive gas systems. We have an offering for everyone, said Browning Firearms' Rafe Nielsen

The Browning® Maxus® II Wicked Wing™ Semi-Auto Shotgun is specifically designed for hardcore waterfowl hunting. This Wicked Wing autoloader features a Cerakote® Burnt Bronze finish on the receiver and barrel that blends in beautifully with autumn marshlands. The extended bolt handle and oversized bolt release are friendly to hunters with. I have a 3 Maxus that I use mostly for sporting clays that has had numerous cycling problems. I only shoot 1oz AA super sporting loads. I am a clean freak and its not a carbon or cleaning issue. Tried other cheaper and 1 1/8 oz loads but had way to many jamming issues. After the first 3000 rounds the piston spring broke and was finally. The SX4 is about half the price (The Browning name warrants a huge markup). I believe they're both made at Browning Portugal. The fore end of the Maxus clips on, and the Maxus has a magazine cutoff. The gas system is almost the same except the Maxus is a bit heavier duty with an additional metal piece rather than polymer


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A new Browning Maxus 2-- 3.5 'Wicked Wing' is retailing for right at $2K. 'Still a relative bargain compared to the Performance Shop Waterfowl Edition SBE2 that Benelli is asking (best I can figure) $2450.00 MSRP. That Rob Roberts don't come cheap LOL. Like Two Dogs, I always reach for my Maxus Wicked Wing come waterfowl season Browning Maxus Hunter. Gloss walnut, polished blue, satin nickel aluminum alloy receiver, Lightning Trigger, Speed Lock Forearm, Power Drive Gas System, autoloader field shotgun . RRP: $2,599. Elegantly deceptive. The Maxus Hunter is the epitome of a Browning field gun. Rich bluing, gloss Walnut and a satin nickel finish receiver Browning Ammunition. Marked For '21 gives you an online look at our new ammunition for 2021. See the 2021 Lineup Browning Maxus II Stalker 4 RD 12 Gauge 3 26 Shotgun - MPN: 011700305 - UPC: 023614740728 - Out Of Stock - Price: $1,399.99 - MSRP: $1,589.99 - Notify M Welcome to the Browning gun parts section of Midwestgunworks.com. We carry a complete line of most current production and post production Browning firearm parts. Parts are available to the public for self installation, but can also be installed by our Browning former factory gunsmiths. As a factory authorized Browning warranty center, Midwest Gun Works can offer you the knowledge and skill.

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011651304. REM. 011652304. FIX. El Maxus One es el modelo básico de las escopetas semiautomáticas con toma de gases Browning®. Posee todas las características técnicas que han hecho el éxito del Maxus y se ofrece a un precio asequible, será su compañero ideal para la caza. PRODUCTOS RECOMENDADOS FIX. 011677304. REM. Die Version Black Gold, die in diesem Jahr angeboten wird, verleiht dieser Selbstladeflinte noch feinere Züge und setzt dabei auf ein schwarz eloxiertes Gehäuse, aus dem, wie ein Zeichen der freudigen Erwartung, zwei gravierte und vergoldete Enten hervortreten, die sich in Pose gestellt zu haben scheinen.

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View: Grid View List View. Per Page: 12 24 48 96. Page: 1 previous next. BROWNING MAXUS SPEED BEAD MOUNT. BURRIS. (In Stock) Click here for price! $79.00 PRIX SUR DEMANDE. USAGES : Code. Type chargeur. 011676304. FIX. 011677304. REM. La version Black Gold proposée cette année affine encore les traits de ce semi-automatique en misant sur une carcasse noire anodisée de laquelle surgissent, comme un espoir, deux canards gravés et dorés qui semblent prêts pour la pose.. EDICIONES LIMITADAS MAXUS 2 COMPOSITE BROWN 12M 3.5. NUEVO MAXUS 2 CAMO MAX5 12M 3.5. NUEVO MAXUS 2 CAMO MOBUC 12M 3.5. MAXUS ONE 12M. MAXUS BLACK GOLD 12M. MAXUS ULTIMATE PARTRIDGES 12M. La semiautomática de tiro más suave del mundo :Aunque ningún sistema de reducción de retroceso en una escopeta puede evadir las leyes de la física, la. A special production Browning Maxus to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Ducks Unlimited. It has a beautiful engraved Ducks Unlimited receiver. Brand new in a rugged and good looking hard aluminum & vinyl case as factory new, never assembled. Engraved receiver with gold birds, gold script, 75th anniv. logo & gold trigger, 28 vent rib. Browning Maxus Wicked Wing MOSGH 12 Gauge 3.5 28 Barrel Semi Auto Shotgun. Brand: Browning; Product Code: 011697204; Availability: In Stock; $2,319.95; Qty Add to Cart. 0 reviews / Write a review

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Your source for firearms, ammo and accessorie Ce fusil est recouvert du célèbre film de camouflage Max 5 qui est le camouflage le plus efficace pour la sauvagine. Il est chambré en super magnum ce qui vous permet de tirer des cartouches à billes d'acier de 70 mm à 89 mm. Retrouvez toute la gamme et les fonctionnalités des Maxus sur www.browningmaxus.eu

Browning Silver Broke After Firing : Shotgun RepairBelgium Made BROWNING A5 "Twenty" 20 Ga (2) BarPatent US3389488 - Single-trigger release mechanism for aHIVIZ Sight Set Benelli Browning BPS Citori Charles DalyShotgunworld